Budtameez 1966

A young man of modest means romances a spoiled rich girl at the behest of her father. Complications, sparks and romance ensue.

Cantares de Navidad 1954

Leocadio Vizcarrondo and his group perform different Christmas melodies, such as "Alegre Vengo", in La Fortaleza's patio in Old San Juan.

無情の夢 1961

Japanese "kayo" film centered around the song "Mujo no yume" by Mitsuo Sagawa.

Blue - A Year In The Life Of 2002

A look at the first year in the life of the band Blue. Includes film of the boys in the studio recording their first material, behind-the-scenes footage of photo-shoots and roadshows, exclusive interviews, and the promo videos for the band's first singles.

Nevermore: [1999] Melbourne, Australia 1999

Nevermore at The Buffalo Club, Melbourne, Australia Beyond Within The Death of Passion This Sacrament Next In Line What Tomorrow Knows Dreaming Neon Black Silent Hedges Poison Godmachine The Fault of the Flesh Deconstruction Future Tense Battle Angels The Learning The Seven Tongues of God

We'll Meet Again 1943

A young dancer trying to make it in London during World War II discovers that people like her singing voice, too. Although she's at first reluctant to sing, she finally does and becomes a star. She hooks up with a young musician who composes classical music and turns his nose up at this vulgar "popular" music, but she believes he can be a success at it and sets out to turn him around.

The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra - Four Bach Suites - Ton Koopman 2001

The music of the Eighteenth century features delicate textures and refinement as well as expressiveness and energy. This was the age of the smaller chamber orchestra, and Bach was one of the compositional geniuses of the century. In this recording, the award-winning Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, which specializes in authentic renditions on fine reproduction period instruments, performs four delightful Bach suites, including No. 1 in C, No. 2 in B Minor and Nos. 3 and 4 in D Major.