Three Women of the North 1945

The story of an airport and its air traffic control crew in a remote and northern Japanese town. Three of the air traffic controllers are female with one of them (Hara, Setsuko) working with her dead fiance's sister. The engaged man had gone to war and never returned.

Free City 1958

The heroic struggle of Polish post office workers in Gdansk on the first day of World War II.

Snow in the South Seas 1961

Japanese soldiers stranded in Manokwari, New Guinea, improvise a theater play to keep their spirits up and endure the extremely difficult conditions.

The Stone Sky 1959

A deeply touching psychological drama adapted from the novel 'Kamienne niebo' showing the Warsaw Uprising through the prism of civilians’ tragedy. A classic feature trick of locking characters up in a confined space allowed the film creators to focus on the psychological portraits of their characters and the experience of an individual facing a hopeless situation. Warsaw, the last days of the Warsaw Uprising. A few inhabitants are imprisoned under the rubble of a tenement house in the Old Town. To start with the characters are not very worried by the incident. They are convinced they will be freed soon, however no help is in sight. They run out of food and their attempts to get out of the trap prove unsuccessful. Every captive reacts differently to the extreme and life-threatening situation. A Warsaw wheeler-dealer Maniuś tries to take some action, an old professor loses his eyesight and the seemingly rational janitor goes crazy… The last oil-lamp goes out.

Wounded in the Forest 1964

While hiding from the Germans in the forest, young Polish corporal tries hard to fulfill his order to take care of a wounded lieutenant and wait for the doctor and transportation to come.

Jamal's Tree 1981

Story of Jamal, a Turkmen woman who is left to tend to the farm when her husband goes off to fight in WW2.

We'll Meet Again 1943

A young dancer trying to make it in London during World War II discovers that people like her singing voice, too. Although she's at first reluctant to sing, she finally does and becomes a star. She hooks up with a young musician who composes classical music and turns his nose up at this vulgar "popular" music, but she believes he can be a success at it and sets out to turn him around.

Desert Hell 1958

This melodrama tells the tale of a great battle between the French Foreign Legion and the rebellious Arab tribe, the Tuaregs, who fight it out upon the blistering Sahara sands. Just before the Legionnaires embark upon their dangerous mission, the commander discovers that he is being cuckolded by his lieutenant. Because the mission is urgent, there is no time to fight over the commander's wife. Unfortunately, as they travel, the tension between the two mounts and they begin squabbling over how to plan the attack. Their inability to work together results in tragedy.