Beate 2018

A group of laid off seamstresses involves a community of nuns in the production of a line of female lingerie

The Man from the Sea 2018

A man is found washed up on a beach in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, suffering from amnesia and speaking in broken Indonesian and Japanese.

Eyes In The Hills 2018

Friends are a special gift - or, are they? An obsessive ex lover meticulously tries to manipulate his former girlfriend into taking him back, as a mysterious being lurks in the shadows.

Ouvidos Calados 2018

Through testimonies and almost dreamlike sensory images, this film aims to make people aware of the importance of giving voice to their feelings. It is well known that between the ages of 15 and 29, suicide is the second leading cause of death. 90% of these could be avoided. Contrary to the veiled silence in the Brazilian press, many opinion leaders reinforce the thesis of communication to save lives. Art and culture are important means of reaching people's conscience.

Letting Go 2018

A layered, complex film channelling the elegant, brittle austerity that sits at the heart of what it can mean to be an orphan.

Soltera Codiciada 2018

The film tells the life of Maria Fe, a young woman who faces singleness after six years of relationship. Along with her two soul friends, played by Karina Jordán and Jely Reátegui, the girl must learn to be single again. On the way, you will run into old loves, new adventures and lots of fun.

jeny303 2018

“Accompanied by the voice-over of Jeny – a young transsexual filmed during her rehab –, the camera wanders around building 303, Bogota’s architectural icon. A chance encounter: a few years back, when the filmmaker’s father asked her to film the architecture faculty where he had taught, an accident with her 16 mm film resulted in a superimposition of the portrait of Jeny. The building, disused at the time of the shooting, is not only interesting for its Bauhaus style copied by German architects in 1964, but also because it has been the centre of many student uprisings. During the generation of the filmmaker’s father, it was a hotspot of the activism repressed in bloodshed across all of South America. On one side a survivor (heroin used as an escape to elsewhere), who turned his tattooed body into a work of art, and on the other, the political slogans “tattooed” on the brick walls – open-air history books that were demolished in 2015." (Charlotte Garson)

Ferris's Room 2018

Toronto artist Sarah Keenlyside's re-creation of Ferris Bueller's bedroom at the Gladstone Hotel was one of the most buzzed-about art events of 2016. This brand-new documentary follows Keenlyside as she travels to Chicago to mount Ferris Bueller's Bedroom as part of celebrations for the 30th anniversary of John Hughes's classic comedy. Get a glimpse of her process as she tracks down replicas of Ferris's prized possessions and works against the clock to get the installation ready in time for the big day. Along the way, she faces unexpected challenges, meets super fans who keep the spirit of Ferris Bueller's Day Off alive, and reveals how art (whether it's a nostalgic installation or a lighthearted film) brings us together.

The Mission: A Marawi Siege Story 2018

"Ang MISYON" (A Marawi Siege Story) is a socio-political, action-packed narrative drama movie that showcases the current events in Mindanao, specifically in Marawi City. But the film deals more on the characters rather than the place, exposing another vantage point of interpreting the real story that occurred during the siege in the entire place. It highlights the complicated world of the protagonist-antagonist Muslim Registered Nurse SAJID TUMAWIL, who gets into the socio-political turmoil, instead of just being a staff nurse helping the ill and the sick in his hometown, only to be discovered by the military men that he belongs to the Extremist groups of Maute Islamiyah having a bipolar personality.

Big as a sun 2018

After two critically acclaimed albums, The Minds of 99 are in the process of making their third release, 'Solkongen'. With trippy lyrics, a middle finger raised to all genres, and a tightly knit bond thanks to many years of friendship, the band is aiming to fly even higher. The film moves with the group from sold-out concerts to isolation in a bunker and a long trip to the Danish island of Bornholm. It depicts a band that tries to find a foothold in a time of unrest and upheaval – both internally in the band and the world in general. The front figure and perfectionist Niels Brandt balances between his own ambitions and a person who in essence is just 33-year-old Niels. But just as the five friends are on the verge of fulfilling the dream that they have harboured since childhood, Niels's creative driving force – his darkness – has suddenly disappeared. Does Niels have to look for his darkness again to be able to formulate his visions?

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